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Welcome Warriors !

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Today is:

Important things that are hapening in Our *)WWL(* Clan, from now on will be posted here. Which is "Main Page" :) Every news about New Member, planing CW or FW, someone left or change Clan... All this Small for others but big for us problems will find reflection  exactly below this lines:)

So *)WWL(* Members says Hello  Once Again And We Are Wishing You a Realy Good One:)


Date Event
<*>04-11-2005<*> Day of Fun War with Air_Cocks_Clan... unfortunetly we loose with score 64:40... Faighters from WWL were: Unbreakable & WeeD... Day of Big Clan War betven WWL and Air_Cocks_ is coming realy soon... GG Guys, from Both Clans...
<*>30-10-2005<*> Sad day for *)WWL(*Clan... because just today Libertine(Devo) decided to leave us, sad situation, we all kepp hoping that he will find his own way in rune. So thank You Devo for time that You spend in WWL, You are still our friend and we'll look forward to se you again as a *)WWL(*Libertine:) who knows--life is full of suprises;)
<*>29-10-2005<*> "Unfortunetly we decide that WeeD, KartofeL(Afagddadu) & Dennis are not ready to be in *)WWL(*Clan... We have to deal with clan stuff first... so we wont approve any new applications as long as it is necesary... So thank Yuu WeeD, KartofeL & Dennis for your game... we still like you guys but smply You are not ready yet to join our Clan,,, Have A Realy Good One... *)WWL(* Clan

PS:we decide that [Dirty]Mouth can't join us, because he become less active in Rune.. and we don't need innactive members...

<*>26-10-2005<*> Players ""Dirty_Mouth"" and ""Deniss"" apply to *)WWL(* So far they are doing just fine, they have almost all necesarry votes required to be *)WWL(* Full Member. 

We are hoping, that they will bring new skills and fresh wind of change to our Clan :)

<*>26-10-2005<*> Day Of secound CW with Air_Cocks_Clan,,, And guess what... We WoN again ;) Thanks For GoodGame Guys... Score is in CW & FW link. BTW ""WASP"" & ""Painkiller"" Great skills Congratulations;)

Today Sznycel & Afagddadu has officialy join *)WWL(* Team :) By the way... we have new links:)

  • "Rune" include history, mythology of game and solution for Rune  :)

  • "Commands" include all neceserry admin commands to do everythink you need to do on your server:)

<*>16-10-2005<*> Day of Clan War with "Air Coks" Clan:) Battle was hard but honorfoul... and by the way ""We Won :)""..   "Air Coks"-->Thank You for GoodGame and [OW]Deamon-->Thanks for a great server.   If You wanna check the score,  then please take a look into ""CW and FW link""
<*>12-10-2005<*> They are In WWL:) Today Sznycel &Afagddu has join WWL... Kepp practising guys... Show Us What U Got :)
<*>10-10-2005<*> Another Event... Players: ""Sznycel & Kartofel"" Aply to WWL Team... future will show up if they can support our band...
<*>8-10-2005<*>  This Is an Important day for our clan, because just today WeeD (Storm:)) decide to join us, and we Allowed him to proof hes unbelivible combat skills;) and thats how he found his own place in *)WWL(* Team :)   <keep practising WeeD>


Special Thanks For:    Avistak